Saturday, October 22, 2011

Mancini: Manchester City Comes to Old Trafford Without Expense

Manchester United News Now - Man City coach, Roberto Mancini, said his team had no expense for the derby at Old Trafford on Sunday (10/23/2011). Even so, he declared, play to win but winning is not the mentality of the City.

"We've got 25 great players. We had no problems whatsoever. We know we can win, lose, or draw. However, we do not have a problem. We have nothing to lose," said Mancini.

City had been under the shadow of Manchester United (MU). However, for the derby this time, the City status of the ruler while with 22 points, or two points ahead of Manchester United in second place. That way, the City, a victory not only would get them out of reach of Manchester United, but the lifting degrees.

"Derby this time will be different from the others because for the first time in ages, we went there as ruler of the league. However, we know, Sunday's match will be difficult because Chelsea is a great team when playing at home," said Mancini.

"We are ready to show a good game. When came home with a draw, that's good. However, it's not our mentality. We were there to try to win," he added.

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