Tuesday, October 25, 2011

City Drown 10 players of Manchester United at Old Trafford

Playing with ten men since the 47th minute, Manchester United (MU) was forced to give up six goals unrequited one by Manchester City, the Premier League match at Old Trafford on Sunday (10/23/2011).

The game was intense from the start. Each master ball is trying to launch an attack. However, the back row of the two camps is also able to maintain focus, so the opportunity is never created.

Balotelli appeared as breaking the deadlock in the 22nd minute. Goals: City stems from the movement in the right sector MU defense that led to a cross from James Milner. With his foot, Balotelli then turned the ball into the bottom left corner of goalkeeper David De Gea.

Manchester United tried to get up. However, they are difficult to penetrate the heart of the visitors' defense. Anderson and Wayne Rooney tried to break the deadlock with a long-range shot in the 34th minute and 36th. However, both can be anticipated effort Joe Hart.

Aside from being able to reduce the attack of Manchester United, City also several times managed to slip malicious attacks. However, MU is able to break the back row at crucial moments.

In the 39th minute, for example, individual action led to a shot Sergio Aguero. However, Evra managed to block his shot.

Action continues assault each other, but never a goal until the halftime whistle sounded.

Shortly after the second round began, MU got a disaster in the form of a red card for Jonny Evans, who assessed the referee violated Mario Balotelli.

With ten players, Manchester United kept trying to catch up. However, not to mention able to create meaningful opportunities, Manchester United were forced to see David De Gea picked up the ball from Balotelli shot results in a net in the 60th minute.

Goal this time the movement came from David Silva, who led the bait to James Milner. Milner then send feedback to the front of goal, which Balotelli converted into goals.

Just nine minutes after that goal, the City is getting his third goal from Sergio Aguero. He beat David De Gea, with the use of bait Micah Richards.

MU then cut the difference through Darren Fletcher shot in the 81st minute, after doing the same work one of two with Javier Hernandez. However, in the 89th minute, City back ahead of three goals, thanks to goals from Edin Dzeko.

Entering injury time, the City got a fifth goal from David Silva. After the ball posts Edin Dzeko, Silva dribbles and fired accurately from the middle of the penalty box, which failed driven De Gea.

Shortly before dispersal, Edin Dzeko changes the numbers on the scoreboard to 1-6, which lasted till the long whistle sounded.

During the match, Chelsea had the ball as much as 49 percent and created four golden opportunity of eleven experiments. The City releases seven accurate shots from 22 businesses.

With these results, the City controls the standings with 25 points, or five goals ahead of Manchester United in second place.

The composition of players
Man United: David De Gea; Jonny Evans, Rio Ferdinand, Patrice Evra, Chris Smalling; Anderson (Phil Jones 66), Darren Fletcher, Ashley Young, Nani (Javier Hernández 66); Danny Welbeck, Wayne Rooney

Man City: Joe Hart; Joleon Lescott, Vincent Kompany, Gael Clichy, Micah Richards; Gareth Barry, Yaya Toure, David Silva, James Milner (Aleksandra Kolarov 89); Mario Balotelli (Edin Dzeko 70), Sergio Aguero (Samir Nasri 75)

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