Saturday, October 22, 2011

FA Ask Manchester United and Liverpool Silence

Manchester United News Now -English Football Federation (FA) instructs to the Manchester United and Liverpool no talks or discussions related to allegations of racist abuse by a Liverpool player, Luis Suarez, the Manchester United player, Patrice Evra. The FA issued these instructions to avoid whipping up the potential for further conflict between these two clubs.

FA senior staff has contacted both the club and ask them not to speak during the investigation lasted for two players. FA move more quickly by issuing those instructions.

Because the MU plans to respond to statements Liverpool coach Kenny Dalglish told a news conference Friday. However, Dalglish said earlier that all elements are behind Liverpool Suarez who rejects racism harassment.

"The FA has sent instructions to us today not to speak of it as an investment underway. They interviewed Evra yesterday and I have plenty of time to talk about it, but I have to obey what they asked. I want to say something about Pat, but I will while allowing them to continue the investigation, "said Manchester United coach Sir Alex Ferguson, as reported by the Guardian.

Evra made a statement on French television Canal Plus and also on Sunday. The Frenchman was made the allegation that Suarez had been harassed by the statement "nigger" about 10 times in the Premier League match between the two clubs at Anfield last Saturday, which ended with a score draw. He was reluctant to speak to the press after the match between Manchester United and Otelul Galati in Romania on Tuesday.

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